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Expert Talks

Well Being and Yoga for Running

Group Runs


About our Workshops 

We deliver one day workshops around the UK to coaches and runners who wish to learn more about stress, over training and performance. 

Our workshops are; 

  • evidence based sessions helping you to apply physiological and psychological aspects of stress management to your training. 

  • interactive allowing you to move and learn at the same time as we embark on group runs and yoga for runners

  • relaxing and restorative as we teach you important strategies to help manage stress

  • fun, after all that's what running is about, right?

During our workshops you will learn how to; 

  • identify and manage stress

  • prevent over training and burnout

  • build physical and mental resilience

  • reduce injury and illness risk

  • move, stretch and mobilise your body using yoga for runners

  • prolong your health, happiness and love of your sport  

Host a Workshop

Are you a coach or member of a club? If so we can travel to you to deliver a workshop for your club/training group. All you need is a hall/space suitable to accommodate us and we will come to you! Get in touch so we can hear more about your club/group and get a date in the diary. 

Attend a Workshop

If you'd like to hear more about our up and coming workshops, please subscribe up to our mailing list below.


We aim to travel all over the U.K. but if none of our upcoming workshops are near you, why not consider hosting your own? Just get together with some fellow runners, find a church hall/running club/suitable venue to host us and we'll come to you. See 'Host a Workshop' above for more information. 

Expert Talks

Our one hour expert talk will cover stress physiology and discuss the importance of Mindful Running for Stress Management. 



Karen offers remote coaching which is a monthly personalised service where you receive a new training programme every 4 weeks and a fortnightly call to discuss progress, performance and how things are going in general. This is a great option for those looking for a little more ‘hands on’ help with their training or have several events planned and want to periodise the whole year or season. Karen limits the number of athletes she offers this service to she likes to be familiar with the activities, progress and events of each athlete so she can offer the best and most specific coaching advice possible. Remote coaching with Karen currently costs £80 per month please get in touch if you are interested. 


In order to manage our physical and mental health we often add training to life stress in the hope that we will feel better. This often works in the short term BUT if we don't improve our lifestyle AND manage life stress at the same time, we'll soon find training plateaus or worse still we get ill or injured. WHY? Because we're simply adding training stress to life stress!! BUT when we invest in our health and lifestyle by making small but significant changes, our health and mood will improve meaning we don't need to place so much importance on our sport to 'feel better' or 'de-stress'. AND an added bonus is that we're in a better place to take advantage of training adaptations therefore make better progress on the run. You can have the best training plan in the world, but if you're not eating, sleeping or managing stress very well, then you're running the risk of burnout and overtraining. To sign up to Health Coaching for Endurance Performers, contact Bernie Dancy at 

Yoga for Runners

Emma is an incredibly talented Yoga teacher offering yoga classes in Hull and Richmond upon Thames in South West London. Emma has a very relatable approach to yoga for runners, being a runner herself she knows where the body may need more attention before or after a run. Em's approach is to encourage people who run and maybe haven't even considered yoga to take part in movements (shapes) that lower stress, enhance mood and ultimately improve performance during running AND recovery afterwards. Fancy trying YOGA for RUNNERS. Go to Em's website to find out more